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[12/16/20]   If your in need of a cut, ...
I highly suggest calling the shop now 973-875-0504
leave a message with name & phone number
Or FIRST thing at 9am! 💈 ❄️ ⛄️
You KNOW this girl can’t wait to go sledding with my girls!!!💯✔️ Closing Early!!! 😊
Probably Closed on Thursday ❄️⛄️
Back in Full effect Friday!!💪🏼💪🏼👑👑💈💯✔️
Nicole Halliday Kelly Ann Convery Wright
Main Street Barbers

Main Street Barbers
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Nicole Halliday 👑❤️🎶🍦
Its customers like this...😊🥰❤️💈✂️
You become family ❤️💯 Thank You Roger!!
[08/21/20]   I want to take a moment to sincerely
THANK all of our Loyals❤️ 💈✂️
Yes, there have been some MAJOR changes here at the barbershop. From appointments, to masks, 😷 and temperatures taken,
we appreciate your patience and cooperation.
These were VERY difficult times for us all,
so to know that you are continuing to show us your support and put your trust in our hands to keep you safe and follow mandated state guidelines deserves a HUGE THANK YOU!!❤️
~ Nicole Halliday & Kelly Ann Convery Wright
[08/05/20]   So to all lost power yesterday at 2pm and no power in the town today still hopefully it will be on soon
[07/05/20]   💈👏We had a successful reopening thanks to all of YOU!!! Your support and patience with our new system is greatly appreciated - thank you 😉 We believe the mad rush is over and things are already returning back to normal with us being on regular side of the barber shop. If you have been holding out for your haircut for this reason, stop in! Just sign in outside and preferred barber if you have one on staff for that day. We are limited on our waiting area 6 at a time inside otherwise wait outside or in your car and we will come and get you when we are ready for you!

We can’t wait to see you!!!

Regular Summer Hours
Sunday And Monday
Tuesday 9-5
Wednesday 9-5
Thursday 9-5
Friday 9-5
Saturday 9-3
[06/29/20]   Please Don't Hesitate To Call Or Come In💈We Are So Happy To See Some Of Our Customers And Hope to See The Rest Of You Soon. 🗽🎆🎇 This Weeks Schedule For The Fourth Of July Is
Tuesday 9-5 Wednesday 9-5
Thursday 9-5
Friday 9-5
Closed On Saturday
Fourth of July
Stay Safe and Resuming Our Normal Hours And Schedule When We Return On The 7th
[06/26/20]   We are SOOOO HAPPY to be OPEN and seeing all of you🤗💈❤️
Please keep in mind that with half the capacity, and appointments, your appointment times are crucial.
If you can’t make it in or forgot your times PLEASE just call us 973-875-0504 ~ Thank You!! ☺️
Thank you to my amazing staff, including my daughter Rylee Hand , making todays
Grand reopening a HUGE success!!💈❤️
Nick Amati
Please continue to call 973-875-0504 and leave a message if we don’t answer to make your upcoming appointment 🤗
Now taking appointments 🤗💈❤️
Opening- Monday, June 22 !!
Nicole Halliday Nick Amati Kelly Ann Convery Wright
Ready, SET,....GO!!!!! If you have already sent me a text or left a voicemail you are on my list and I will be calling you today, if not - private message me Nicole Halliday - call or text 💈❤️🤗
Nick Amati Kelly Ann Convery Wright
[06/02/20]   Hello everyone 🤗💈❤️
I am receiving your texts and voicemails and as of right now I am just making a list of contacts and phone numbers, as soon as the appointment book arrives I will be contacting you first come first serve and filling up that appointment book!!✔️
[06/01/20]   Did ya hear the good news?!???!? 🤗
MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2020
We WILL be OPEN for business!!!💈✂️❤️
Things will be different for a while- still taking courses and getting certifications on specifics,
but OPEN!!!! 💯❤️🙏🏻
As of now, I believe we will -
-need to make appointments -
Shop #- 973-875-0504
Cell #- 973-714-0504
- Hours for upcoming opening month -
Sunday- Closed
Monday- 9-5 Full staff
Tuesday- 9-5 Nico- Kelly- Nicole as backup
Wednesday- 9-5 Nicole-Kelly- Nico as backup
Thursday- 9-5 Nicole-Nico-Kelly as backup
Friday- 9-5 Full staff
Saturday- 9-3 Full staff
*backup = 10am-3pm*
You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to confirmed appt time to be scanned, sign in with phone number, prepay $20/cut, wash hands, and wait in designated area.
- bring your own masks to accommodate haircut
- if you have your own cape you are welcome to bring that as we will be switching capes every client
-You will be entering into the shop on left of the barbershop and greeted by a receptionist (mostly my daughter Rylee Hand) to sign in -pay-wash-sit-and wait to be called in to the main shop. Exit only out of barbershop in order to not cross contaminate.
- This is new and stressful for us as well,
so please be patient and understanding.
- we are open to suggestions
- we value your opinions
Nicole Halliday Nick Amati Kelly Ann Convery Wright
[04/03/20]   Dear Clients,
I know many of you are starting to look like a chinchilla 🤣💯✔️ and getting REALLY annoyed by your hair, ....but I CHALLENGE YOU ALL to a ...
Let’s make it FUN?!!! It’s not like anybody is going to see us outside of our own homes anyway?!🤣
Start posting your pictures with the appropriate #
And we WILL see you all ASAP!!💪🏼💈✂️💇🏼‍♂️💇🏼‍♀️💆🏻‍♂️
Nick Amati Kelly Ann Convery Wright Nicole Halliday

[03/19/20]   Well ,... we knew this was coming ?!😤
Stay well ❤️ 😷
and hopefully see all of you hairy chinchillas
REAL SOON!!?! 💈❤️
[03/12/20]   I would like all of our clients to know,
that we, at Main Street Barbers 💈❤️
are taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. We care about and LOVE our customers !!💯
We have been EXTRA cleaning and sanitizing EVERY morning and EVERY evening on a DAILY basis to help prevent ANY illnesses.
Thank you for 10 years in business 💈❤️
See ya soon!!☺️
Not only one of my best friends, but a CHARACTER in the barbershop 💯🤣 He will be GREATLY missed by MANY!!:( ~ Nicole Halliday
I apologize for my absence in the shop
Between delivering my Goddaughter last weekend to THIS?!!.... ☹️
It’s time to get back to work now..
I’ll be back in, regular hours starting tomorrow.
Thank you for understanding ❤️
[01/03/20]   Nick Amati is taking a sick day today 🤢😷
[12/31/19]   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!🥳
Love, your staff~
Nicole Halliday Nick Amati Kelly Ann Convery Wright
[12/21/19]   🌲 Holiday Schedule 🌲
Nico will be in tomorrow, Sunday 9-12
Nico & Kelly will be in Tuesday 9-12
Wednesday Closed
Thursday back to regular schedule
NYE, Tuesday 9-12
Wednesday Closed
Thursday back to regular schedule
Have a Merry and Safe Holiday to all our friends, families, and clients!! 🎅 🎄❤️ 💈 ✂️
Nick Amati Kelly Ann Convery Wright Nicole Halliday
[12/03/19]   Update so we have no power at our homes so we don't know what time we will be in today Sorry for inconvenience stay warm and be safe.
[12/03/19]   Due to the weather We Will be on a delay open tommorow Tuesday December 3 We will be open between 10-10:30 Nico and Kelly till 5pm
[11/29/19]   CLOSED early for the day !!😊
Be back tomorrow- Full staff Saturday 8-2
973-875-0504 💈 ✂️❤️
FULL STAFF TODAY!! AND an extended hour or so!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!! 🦃 ❤️ ~ The staff
[11/22/19]   Gobble Gobble!!:)
Friday 11/22-full staff 9-5
Sat 11/23-full staff 8-2
Sun 11/24-Nico 9-12
Mondays Closed
Tue 11/26-Nico & Kelly 9-5
Wed 11/27-full staff 9-5
Thursday-Happy Thanksgiving!!! CLOSED!
Fri 11/29-opening at 9 and we'll see?! lol
Then back to regular schedule Saturday.
[11/06/19]   SUPRISE!!!😊
NICO is coming BACK TOMORROW!!! 💈 ✂️ but I, Nicole Halliday will only be working 9-12.
Thursday 9-5
Friday 9-5-full staff
Saturday 8-2 full staff
Nick Amati
[10/29/19]   Reminder- Nick Amati is still on vacation this week!! (missing Halloween w ME?!!!😤) Closed this Sunday 11/3. Returning to work Saturday, Nov 9th. Also Thursday, Halloween Day, i will have a delayed opening to watch my Mini in her parade at school. Id say 11am opening and possibly closing early for FUN?!! :) This weekend is my sisters baby shower :) so Saturday 11/2
I hope to get out early 8-12. Call 973-875-0504 as i do not have a cell at the moment for texts. Thx ~ Nicole Halliday
[10/23/19]   Today 9-5 with Nicole Halliday and Kelly Ann Convery Wright
Tomorrow (Thursday) Nicole solo 9-3
Friday- 9-5 Nicole & Kelly
Saturday 8-2 Nicole & Kelly
I am PROUD to own a business in Sussex Boro
January will be 10 YEARS!!!!?! at Main Street Barbers?! .... and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!! This is MY family now!!❤️
To see everyone pull together-
business owners, vendors, kids all dressed up 🤗👻😈 ....IN the Rain ?!? 🌧 ☔️ 🎃 🎶
Just the just the EFFORT! everyone put in?!💪🏼
Reminded me why I love where I am🥰💛
Great job Sussex Boro!!💯 Nicole Halliday Nick Amati Kelly Ann Convery Wright What a great day! Sussex Day was a success in the Borough. In bringing back such a grand tradition, certainly there were hangups- but we saw a lot to hang the future of the 'Boro' on yesterday.

The Recreation Committee would like to thank all of those that help the town survive, thrive and prosper. Thank you to our wonderful volunteer firefighters and ambulance squad. Thank you to our hardworking borough employees who made so much of the day happen. Thank you to the elected officials from both parties, and all levels, who showed up or were represented. Thank you to the churches, charitable and civic organizations that help meet the needs of all of our residents. Thank you to all of our business owners and merchants who continue to find Sussex a place to make it their own way, adding their ideas and insights and time. Thank you to the merchants, who made Sussex their home for sales on a rainy day. We really appreciate all of you and all of those who added to the activities of the day.

Sussex Day was such a good day for our community. Ultimately we saw a community taking pride in itself, families getting together to have fun and hundreds of smiles on kid's faces. And that's what it's all about! Cheers to brighter Sussex Days ahead and a good year ahead in-between!

More photos to come.
REMINDER!!!!- Nick Amati is leaving for a 2 week vacation!! ☀️ 👙🤗 Get in TODAY or TOMORROW because the Boro Fall Festival will have the Main Street CLOSED on Sunday!

Call 973-875-0504 for any questions 💈❤️
Fall is here creating new colors 🍂🌻🍁

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