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45 days ago I introduced a 53 year old male friend of mine to Herbalife. I knew he was into eating grand foods like cheese steaks burgers Fries anything fast food. So I said to him would you like to take the three day challenge and get healthy before the new year this will change your life..? He contemplated a little bit but then he said OK what do I have to do I do need to do better. So I told him it's simple two shakes a day and take your vitamins you will begin to see a healthy transformation. So days went by even weeks I asked him did you do your trial yet did you pull your blender and he said no I'm going to get around to it I haven't had the time. Fast forward to now 45 days later..
Today I was asked to sign a birthday card I said who's this for they said it's for our friend he turned 54 today. I said where is he.. He had a massive heart attack yesterday he is at mainland hospital they put a stent in. He had 90% blockage but he's going to be OK we wanted to send him his birthday card still today.... He doesn't want any visitors at this time.

I say this because tomorrow may never come for you choose wisely today 45 days from now where will your health be at..

Get fit now contact me to get started. β™₯️
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[email protected]
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I love Mondays because we tend to start the beginning of the week with a good start because we want the rest of our week to go well.
well I'm here to motivate you and get your week started off to a great start !!
what will you do differently this week will you change a few bad habits? will you improve your good habits ? will you start to focus on those goals that you have written down that you said that you will always do? πŸ†
Take some time out for you and start the week off right inside and out. Despise not small beginnings the Bible says those lead to larger things. πŸ…πŸŽ–
Lets get going together. Friends help other friends
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