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To anyone that is looking to receive a service at MAIN STREET BARBER SHOP beginning June 22nd when we have our re-opening since closing on March 18th due to COVID-19.

The regulations from the governor are as follows :

-Every client and barber will have to wear a face mask BEFORE entering the building as well as the ENTIRE time in the building NO MATTER the service.

-Every client and barber will have a prescreened temperature check upon entering the building.

-All staff-client pairs will remain 6 feet apart unless separated by a physical barrier.

-The shop will disinfect after each clients service to provide a safe working environment for all clients and barbers. If you have a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit you will not be permitted to receive any servicesz, nor will you be allowed into the shop any further.

These are not our rules, but the governors rules for us to open so please do not get upset with us if we can’t perform a specific service. We will do our best to work around your masks to perform all services other then hot towel shaves.

We will also look over our appointment book to make sure everyone has the allotted amount of time for their service. If you book to much time or to little we the barbers will adjust the time frame.

If a service runs longer then expected please do not panic. We will not rush your service or only do part of your service. We will complete all services that we’re booked.

Please look over the service options carefully before selecting one or multiple services as most services have been combined with other services as well as the price and time frane. Once you have booked the appointment and another client has booked behind you the service will be performed as is. You WILL NOT be able to add more services. (Example: if you book a haircut and then decide you want a beard trim when you show up or after someone has booked after you, you will not be able to receive the beard trim unless you cancel your appointment and reschedule for a different available time slot.

We will be opening our books for appointments at 10:00am this morning so please download the App from the App Store and register. Once you have done so you can book an appointment.

If anyone is having an issue please contact me personally 732.232.2988.

Thank you and please share.

First, we hope everyone is staying healthy and staying safe.

Next, we will be opening Monday June 22. We will be opening 8:00am-5:15pm and continue our regular schedule for the rest of the week as of now. We may extend some days and open Sunday but that hasn’t been determined yet. (I’ll keep you posted)

We also received all the shop guidelines for opening the shop. (I will post them at a later date)

In the guideline, all clients will have to book appointments (no walk-ins). I am in the middle of setting up an app to do so. It isn’t done yet but it should be soon. As soon as it is up I will post it and you will be able to download the app, sign up with a user name and password and book your appointment for the day/time you want as long as it’s available.

Please be patient while we get the appointment app up and running as it’s new to us as well you.

We look forward to seeing everyone.

Have a safe and healthy weekend. Also, please share this post and tag all of your friends so we can reach as many clients as possible.

Thank you,

Main Street barber shop
[03/18/20]   So with a lot of back and forth, I’ve decided that today, Wednesday March 18 2020 Main Street barber shop will close until we feel it is safe for our friends, families, clients and the community to re-open. This may be a week or it could be a month. We aren’t putting a time frame on it due to the unknown at this time.

With that said we hope everyone takes all necessary precautions to ensure your safety and the safety to the community. We hope to see you all very soon!! #backstronger

[03/16/20]   I just want to let all of our clients know that we will be open tomorrow Tuesday March 17.

With that said, if you are sick please stay home. All of us have families with children and the elderly to worry about. If you have a cough, a cold, a sniffle we will ask you to leave without hesitation. This isn’t out of disrespect but out of safety for our families.

I (marc) am hopeful the governor will close all barbershops/salons in the very near future for the sake of everyone. I’ve thought about closing myself but it’s hard to do when you have employees with mortgages, health insurance and all other bills to worry about.

Please do us and yourselves a favor and stay in your home unless completely necessary.

We wish the best for everyone and hope to see you all soon!

Best wishes
Main Street barber shop.
Here are our holiday hours. Hope to see everyone soon!
[02/20/19]   We will be closing the rest of the day due to the weather. Well re-open tomorrow morning.
[03/21/18]   We will be closed today, Wednesday March 21 due to the snow heading our way. We plan to re-open Thursday. Drive safe!
[03/07/18]   Due to the weather we will be closed the rest of the day. We will return first thing tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience. Drive safe.

Main Street barber shop
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Main Street Barber Shop
Some cuts from the past few months that I keep forgetting to post. Come in for a cut, shape- up, get your beard done or get a true old fashion hot towel shave!
Please read!
Ready for his wedding day!

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